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The strawberry series began in 2008 with a 31"x31" chocolate variation painted on linen, and placed in an iron bathtub, demonstrating unnecessary luxe. This installation semi-failed because no one could move the bathtub four blocks to the gallery. It is often suggested to us that we need many small, pampering indulgences just to relax (and to go ahead and experience it while you're in a bathtub). We super deserve it.
I was searching the internet for new places to live at the time, and found the model-dwelling that I excitedly knew was for me, only to then read the caption: "Refugee housing in Kosovo." Deciding it's all anyone would need (spatially speaking) that if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for me. But we usually need more, and sometimes we need it in the bath. So if you need it- get it, enjoy it, appreciate it. It could be over the top, it could be the opposite.

chocolate covered strawberry painting
Oil on Linen, mixed